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These courses are created by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and taught by a Licensed Food for Life Instructor. (COMING SOON)
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Kickstart Your Health

The power of food for healthy weight management. Curriculum is based on the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine "21-Day Vegan Kickstart" program. 

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Diabetes Initiative

Diabetes Initiative is the plant-based nutrition and cooking program for type 2 diabetes prevention and treatment developed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

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Nutrition Essentials

Nutrition Essentials is about
losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, or simply embracing an overall healthful way of eating.

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Power Foods for the Brain

In this class, you will learn strategies for maintaining memory and improving brain function including how to prepare brain health-promoting meals.

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Healthy Basics

Diet-related diseases are major threats to Americans.

Most people in the United States are now overweight or obese, putting them at an increased risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

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Cancer Project

Research has shown that more than one-third of all cancer deaths in the United States are due to poor diet, yet most people are unaware of the connection.


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